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Laminate Countertops

These are not the old laminate counters of the past. There are a vast array of new, more realistic colors, edges, and textures to choose from. Laminate is an excellent choice for keeping more money in your pocket, but great looking countertops in your home. Laminate is strong, durable, and easy to clean! You can get the look of Granite or Quartz you are looking for at a fraction of the price.

Laminate Material Options

Wilsonart laminates
  • Standard: Available in Matte and Fine Velvet Finish
  • Premium: Available with multiple finish options
  • HD options:  Wilsonart's longest wearing surface -- available in Mirage, Glaze, and Aligned Oak finish
Formica laminates
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • 180fx: Featuring 27 high resolution patterns and 6 finishes that transform any space with quartz, stone, and hardwood designs

Laminate Edge Options

Standard Edge

Square (flat edge)

Standard with square corner, but pictured with rounded corner upgrade.

Upgrade Edge

Top Bevel

A strong, crisp, 45 degree angle provides a classic feel to any countertop.  

The angle reflects light and accents appearances with no brown lines from visible.

Pictured with a square corner, but also available with clipped (45 degree) corner.

Available for all laminate options.

The crescent edge is a smooth, somewhat gentler curve than a bullnose. 
Very comfortable when leaning across the counter.
Pictured with a square corner.
Only available with Wilsonart laminates. 


Smooth, symmetrical continuous curve from top to bottom.

Pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.

Pictured with clipped corner upgrade, but standard with square corner.

Only available with Formica laminates.


A shapely sculpted look that is particularly well suited to stone, granite, and woodgrain  patterns.

Pictured with square corner, but also available with clipped corner upgrade.

Only available with Formica laminates.

Laminate Corner Options

  • Standard: Square corner (90 degrees)
  • Upgrade
    • Rounded Corner (only for Square edge)
    • Clipped Corner (45 degrees)

Laminate Sink Options

Topmount (also known as Drop In) 

Cutout of countertop for customer provided sinks done at time of countertop installation

  • Undermount Karran sinks available in Stainless Steel, white and bisque Acrylic, and 6 different colors of Quartz
  • Seemless integration of sink to countertop means no lip to catch dirt and for pooling of water
  • Just wipe from the countertop directly into the sink for easier and cleaner care

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface materials like DuPont Corian or LG HI-MACS are great for countertops!  They require no maintenance or sealing and can last forever with appropriate care. These materials can be installed in any layout with no visible seams. Sinks can be molded seamlessly into your countertop. Choose from several colors, patterns, and edge options.

Edge Options

  • Standard
    • Top Bevel
    • Top Roundover with small, medium, or large rounding
  • Upgrade
    • Top and Bottom Bevel
    • Top and Bottom Roundover with small rounding
  • Premium
    • Bullnose
    • Ogee
Sink Options
  • Topmount --  cutout of countertop for customer provided sink done at time of countertop installation
  • Undermount -- sink must be provided prior to countertop manufacture to join sink to countertop 
  • Integrated Corian and HI-MACS sinks